A-Wax - Rx Lord, Vol.2

A-Wax – Rx Lord, Vol.2


West Coast rapper A-Wax will be independently releasing his latest retail mixtape "Rx Lord, Vol 2" on July 17th, 2018. The project features guest appearances from rappers Mistah F.A.B., Kidd Kidd, Lavish D and E-Bang.

A-WAX is a Rapper. A-WAX was born in 1970s, in the middle of Generation X generation. He was born Aaron Dippie in Pittsburg, California. He grew up in Seattle, Washington where he got involved in one of the largest gangs and was put behind bars at a young age for manslaughter. He began writing raps at 16 while behind bars at Walla Walla State Prison for manslaughter for five years.


Best Song

  • #13 Trap - Easy choice for me. This song could have won best verse and best beat. Wax doesn’t usually get this personal through an entire record. Can replay this song over and over.
  • #12 Dan Akroyd - The opening line to the song gets stuck in my head for hours. “Black Ray Bans, Dan Akroyd”! Great beat and lots of sharp punch lines and bars throughout the song.
  • #1 Shout Out - First song I hear of this project. Jail theme for most of it which is why I like A-Wax so much. Clever word play and vocals are aggressive.

Best Beat

  • #8 Money Talk - I rate beats by 2 standards. One is if it makes me want to rap or not and second is if I could just play the instrumental and still enjoy it. This is 100% to both. I can’t rap but want to as soon as it plays.
  • #12 Dan Akroyd - Crazy beat! I have so many lines to follow his opening line. I can’t rap, so you know it’s good.
  • #13 Trap - I never want this song to end when it first comes on. The beat is perfect for these lyrics. Homerun!


Best Verse/Bar

  • #1 Shout Out (“You should want to go to church, but the suckers in the pen all would hide behind religion/no one claimed the body they don’t even put your name on the cross when you die inside of prison”)
  • #7 Higher (“Police at the door, I’m surprised that someone ratted/ I got all these warrants so im hiding in the attic’)
  • #13 Trap (The entire fucking song!)

Best Feature

  • E-40 (#3 Waking Up) (E-40 is the only good thing about this song. Waste of a great feature E-40 comes in slow then goes to his bread and butter flow to close it.)
  • Lavish-D (#14 Red Tips) (He has two features on this album. He switches his flow half way on this track and it works perfectly.)
  • E-Bang (#15 Glitch) (Wax has several tracks with Bang in the past. I love the Matrix bar he has in his verse. One of a kind artist.)

Overall Feel

Reasons To Pump: I think this is my 2nd favourite A-Wax album. I find his sound and production is getting better every project he drops. He is evolving as a lyricist and has shed most of the typical rap rhyme schemes. Steady growth while still remaining true to his long-time fans.

Reasons To Pass: I hate auto tune. He just can’t get away from it. I know it’s an instrument but its gets annoying and turns hard street stories into shit 13 year olds say because its catchy. I would love to hear a female rapper on with Wax. I would also like to hear more tracks about the future of A-Wax and not just past stories mixed with drug and money bars.

Overall Score:


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