Classified - Tomorrow Could Be...

Classified – Tomorrow Could Be

Tomorrow Could Be the Day Things Change is the fifth major release by Canadian rapper Classified released on October 12, 2018 on Halflife Records and distributed by Universal Music Canada. It also serves as his sixteenth album overall.

Classified's EP Tomorrow Could Be... served as the prequel to the album which contained six songs from the album's tracklist. A few months after the release, Classified announced the album in September along with its release date. The first single released off the album "Cold Love" features Tory Lanez. In an interview with The London Free Press, Classified spoke on the album by saying, "I always feel like whatever album I’ve just put out is my best album, but with this one I definitely feel like I’ve hit the spot".

A music video for "Legal Marijuana" was released on October 17, 2018 to mark legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada. The video features him rapping about marijuana and includes an additional line where he mentions Edison Cannabis Company, which is owned by East Coast company OrganiGram. It doesn't appear on the album version of the song.

"Super Nova Scotian," which features an all-star group of performers from the Halifax area, came together over two nights at Classified's home studio in Enfield, Nova Scotia. Among the performers, the song features "Trailer Park Boys" actor Mike Smith, who plays Bubbles, and Tyrone Parsons, who performs under the pseudonym Knucklehead and plays J-Roc's manager T on the series. Before starring on the show, Parsons rapped alongside Classified in the late 1990s Halifax act Ground Squad.


Best Song

  • #3 Changes (ft. Anjulie) – This song has the best feature and quite a few memorable bars and verses. Perfect match of Class’ verse and Anjulie’s great voice on the hook. Great song and my fav on the project.
  • #6 Accept It – Great beat. Super serious lyrics and topics are used but its still a good song to listen to. Class always finds a clever way to be socially aware.
  •  #12 Super Nova Scotian (ft. Pat Stay, JRDN, Quake Matthews, Skratch Bastid, Knucklehead, Bubbles) – My Nova Scotia bias in shown here. I personally know Pat and have met Class, JRDN, Skratch Bastid, Sidney Crosby and Bubbles. Im a Super Nova Scotian!


Best Beat

  • #6 Accept It – Runaway winner for best beat. You notice it right away, has you anticipating the lyrics. Stuck in my head for days!
  • #1 Don’t Stop – Great way to start a Classified album. Classic Class beat. Makes you want to roll a doobie and chill outside for a few hours, I call them fresh air beats.
  • #12 Super Nova Scotian – If you have all those artists featured, you need a solid, well produced beat for them to get off on. Sounds good to me!!!


Best Feature

  • #3 Changes (ft. Anjulie) – Great Voice! Anjulie bring the song to another level. Glad Classified keeps putting on Canadian artists on his projects. She will be a star!
  • #12 Super Nova Scotian (ft. Pat Stay) – One of the best battle rappers in the world. I’ve known him since he was 12, he has come a LONG way! Congrats Pat and Class.
  • #12 Super Nova Scotian (ft. Bubbles) – There are only 3 songs with features, Tory Lanez was weak as fuck so I went with Bubbles because it made me laugh!

Overall Feel

Reasons To Pump: Start to finish, this is an overall better album than his previous 2 or 3. The album was put together really well, you can press play and just listen for an hour straight. Classified fans will be ecstatic for this project and newbies will also find tracks they like a lot.

Reasons To Pass: Fans of new rap probably won’t enjoy this sound. Classified comes across a little corny and soft to people that prefer harder beats and lyrics.

Overall Score:


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