Loyle Carner - Not Waving, But Drowning

Loyle Carner - Not Waving, But Drowning

Loyle Carner – Not Waving, But Drowning


Best Song

  • #12Sail Away Freestyle – This is the most repeatable song for me. It is a very personal album and this song isn’t as personal, so you can just nod your head and not have to listen for a story.
  • #11 Krispy  – This is my favourite song. Cool sound, deep lyrics and cool concept. The horns near the end are used in the military when a soldier falls. Very symbolic.
  • #14 Carluccio – Song gets stuck in my head for hours. Great beat and lyrics. Easily one of my favourite songs on the album.


Best Beat

  •  #6 Still – After the keyboard intro a simple kick drum beat starts which brings you right into the chorus. Had me hooked right away! I feel like writing a quick 16 every time.
  • #12 Sail Away Freestyle – Great production on this track. His low toned voice makes the high hats sound a little crisper. Great weed smoking song!
  • #3 Ice Water – Positive vibe sample. No disrespect to the vocals but I would play the instrumental to this and be just as happy as the original.


Best Feature

  • #8 Desoleil (Brilliant Corners) (ft. Sampha) – Most unique track on this album. Sampha stands out above all the features and almost outshines Loyle Carner on this one.
  • #9 Loose Ends (ft. Jorja Smith) – Jorja grabs your attention right away as they mix high and low voices together. This is my first time hearing her and will listen to more of her work.
  • #5 You Don’t Know (ft. Rebel Kleff) – There are 2 features on this track but I really like Rebels verse. He is the topic of the song Krispy and it’s nice to see them cool again. He produces most of the time but was happily surprised when he had his verse.


Overall Feel

Reasons To Pump: This album was recommended by Aurelien Grangeret, AKA ‘The Silver Elk’, our music expert from France. I played it a few days later and after the first 3 songs decided I wanted to fully review the album. It was different than most music I listen too but something clicked right away. The sound is different but the way I listen to this album is the same as ‘Swimming’ by Mac Miller. I don’t seek out a certain song; I hit play on track #1 and let it play through. Very few albums are pieced together in this way in today’s single and stream market but it adds so much to the listener. Every song is an 8 on this album but it’s a 10 as a complete project. This is the most complete album of the year for me.

Reasons To Pass: None for me. He has a lower toned voice and most songs are very personal which might turn away some people but that is what makes it unique to me.

Overall Score:




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