Mac Miller - Swimming

Mac Miller - Swimming

Swimming is the fifth studio album by American rapper Mac Miller and the last album to be released during his lifetime. It was released on August 3, 2018, by REMember Music and Warner Records. Production on the album was handled by Miller himself, as well as Dev Hynes, J. Cole, Dâm-Funk, DJ Dahi, Tae Beast, Flying Lotus, and Cardo, among others. The album has no credited features, but contains vocal contributions from Dâm-Funk, Dev Hynes, Snoop Dogg, Syd, Thundercat, and J.I.D.

Swimming was supported by three singles: "Small Worlds", "Self Care", and "What's the Use?" The album received generally positive reviews from critics and debuted at number three on the US Billboard 200. It was nominated for Best Rap Album at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

Best Song

  • #13 So It Goes – My personal favourite song on the album. Unique drum beat with and sharp lyric are given to us at pace that has my head bopping every time I hear it. Mac has several bars on ‘So It Goes’ that I get excited for a few seconds before they are delivered. It’s also the last track on the album and after it’s over, it makes me want to re-start the album over again.
  • #5 Self Care – I can see this song being a fan favourite. It’s a very fun/happy song with an extremely catchy hook. Sped up beat that gives it a positive vibe that you can dance to (I’m not much of a dancer but I can see how others could dance to it, Haha). Beat switches near the end of the song to a more ‘chill’ vibe. Nice switch of pace that ready’s you for the next track.
  • #12 2009 – This may be most people’s least favourite song but it resonates with me. It’s somewhat of a personal ballad of growth that is very relatable for a lot of listeners. Very slow pace to the song but this allows you to hear the emotion of Mac’s lyrics and flow. I don’t listen to it often but when I play the album, I’m excited for track #12.


Best Beat

#2 Hurt Feelings – Such a groovy beat! The intro track has a softer feel to it, which sets you up for track #2 and the rumbling bass right away. I always listen intensely to the lyrics but this song makes it hard for me. I catch myself humming along to the song but never with words.

#7 Ladders – The beat doesn’t drop for a minute but it’s led into with Mac singing the chorus over a light clap sound. He starts his first verse then a super funky beat is thrown at us and the ride begins! The 1970’s bass guitar always catches my ear. Feel good tune for sure!

#9 Conversation Pt. 1 – This is the rap instrumental winner for the album. My next diss track I record will be over this beat. The double kick before the clap gives it an aggressive feel. Mac brings a medium pace to his delivery on this but he could have dialled it up and went in a lot harder over this beat.


Best Feature

No Features on the Album

Overall Feel

Reasons To Pump: This is such a great fucking album. Not a lot of artists put albums together with purpose anymore. It’s mostly 12 to 15 tracks were just dumped on the project at once. Not this one. You press play on track #1 and just let it go. The songs all blend together while each having their very own identity and it’s done with perfection. Track #13 ‘So It Goes’ is my favourite song on the album but I rarely listen to it by itself. If I want to hear it I just play the album. I was never a Mac Miller fan. He had some songs that I liked when I heard him but I never sought out his music. Though he is gone now and will not get a chance to follow up the success from ‘Swimming’, this album is a masterpiece and will be popular 40 years from now.

Reasons To Pass: Not a typical ‘rap’ album. Mac is an extremely talented musician and an artist and this album shows that. If you came for pure rap and bars, this may not be for you.

Overall Score:


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