Nipsey Hustle – Victory Lap

Nipsey Hustle – Victory Lap

Victory Lap is the only studio album by American rapper Nipsey Hussle. It was released on February 16, 2018 through All Money In No Money Out and Atlantic Records. It was Nipsey Hussle's first major commercial release after releasing a string of mixtapes for thirteen years as well as his only full-length album released during his lifetime. The album debuted at number four on the Billboard 200, selling 53,000 album-equivalent units; It received a nomination for Best Rap Album at the 61st Grammy Awards.


Best Song

  • #7 Hustle & Motivate – Most Unique record on the project, it hits you right away! Hook is catchy but in a good way. Nip’s delivery is perfect for this beat. Listen and repeat.
  • #10 Keyz To The City (ft. TeeFlii) – Great Beat. I like TeeFlii’s slow singing to open and then Nipsey’s tone slowly build faster and more aggressive. Beat switches and then a cool laid back verse to end the track.
  • #1 Victory Lap (ft. Stacy Barthe) – What a great track to open the record. Grabs your attention and gets you pumped for the rest of the album. Nip Hustles anthem for the next year!


Best Beat

  • #4 Young Nigga (ft. Puff) – Slow, cool feel to this track. Easy to smoke and zone out to. I have already searched out the instrumental. Chiiiiiiiiiilin.
  • #7 Hustle & Motivate – I love this beat and song so much. If I hear it anymore I think I might start rapping on the street corner for hours.
  • #15 – Double Up (ft. Belly & Dom Kennedy) – Maybe ‘cause I was smoked out, I like all the slow chill vibe songs. Heavy bass and a steady high hat is perfected here.


Best Feature

  • #5 Kendrick Lamar (Dedication) – Kendrick saves this song. He goes back to K. Dot flow and his verse is superior to Nipsey’s. Easily the best feature.
  • #10 TeeFlii (Keyz To The City) – Great job building up the tension of the song for Nipsey’s first verse. Strong confident delivery makes for a great hook.
  • #8 Buddy (Status Symbol) – I like his sound. He could be a feature king in the next few years. Has a current sound without sounding like he is drinking lean.


Overall Feel

Reasons To Pump: One of the best albums of the year start to finish. So many good tracks and there is only one track I switch immediately. I honestly wasn’t accepting this; the Nipsey Hustle I’m use to is a different artist. I like this one a lot better!!! No matter if you are an old head like me or new to rap music, you need to have this playing.

Reasons To Pass: None. If you don’t like the West Coast vibe this might not be for you but most rap fans will really enjoy this.

Overall Score:


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