Alone Season 6 Episode 2 "Tainted"

Alone Season 6 Episode 2 : "Tainted"

"Laws change; people die; the land remains." - Abraham Lincoln

9 People Remain.

Episode 2 starts off on Day 6. Donny is putting the finishing touches on his shelter. He has chosen to use the sod to get the heat in, calls it his 'bear den'. Looks like a shitty shelter to me, as do all of the shelters so far this season. Doesn't look like they will hold up through an Arctic winter but what do I know? Haha. Donny then shows us how to make a wooden throwing stick like a boomerang that he thinks will be effective in killing rabbits. Huge waste of time if you ask me. Small game is scarce and it would take a very accurate throw to hit and kill a rabbit from long range.

This is the first we are seeing of Jordan. He has the bark off a birch tree and using it to do shitty moose calls. He is making a few traps so he can catch some small game that will be around his camp. He gives us a cool shot of the surrounding area of his camp, showing us how decimated it is by a recent forest fire, only 1 small area that has green vegetation.

Nikki adds some humour while laying in bed. She explains how she never was a morning person and that she loves sleeping in. She gathers materials to make a Paiute dead-fall to catch mice. This has to be one of the most common traps used on Alones past 5 seasons. A lot of success can be had with the mice around your shelter. While making one of the traps, her hand slips and cuts into the back of her hand near the thumb. She gets it cleaned but almost quits because of it.

We get to see Ray for the first time. He is fishing during the first encounter and proceeds to follow a seagull to another fishing location because seagulls are great at spotting fish. Catches a fish in the new location and while gutting it, shows us the lung which has worms moving around in it. Not a good sign. Eats it anyways and takes a risk. He also offers up the guts of the fish to a Canadian Jack bird which comes down right away to grab the offering. Cool!

Donny is next to the water when we see him next. He hears some rustling in the bushes and spots a muskrat. Kills it with his bow in 1 shot and now has dinner. While gutting the muskrat he explains how careful you need to be with the meat. Muskrats have scent glands that need to be removed and you have to check the guts and poop for worms or parasites.

Hello Michelle. She is pretending to be a news reporting on scene explaining how tyou need to forage for berries when you haven't caught a fish yet. While roaming around her camp she comes across an old 50 gallon drum that she has ideas for right away.

We see Donny again as he is just about to eat his cooked muskrat. He is so happy about finding food and now that he has nourishment its time to get to work. Shortly after, while cutting fire wood, he starts getting stomach cramps. He has to then stop filming so he can go take a shit. Starts back filming while explaining he has diarrhea and stomach is really upset right now.

Day 7

They quickly shoot over to Nikki, who shows us that her hand is doing a bit better. This puts her in a better mood and continues to cut fire wood. I did notice that she has a fucking terrible shelter. I just don't understand how they think this will last the Arctic.

Michelle is showing us the steam coming of her socks when she takes her boots off. They are similar to rubber boots which make your feet sweat because they are not breathable. She fastens together a few fish hooks on a lure and attachs it to the oil drum raft that she has built. She know has floating fish hooks in the water. I like her because she has a sense of humour and swears a lot.

We get to see Donny at 2am when he wakes up after being delirious, still has a really bad stomach. Says he puked in his fire pit during the night. Once he gets up for the day, he continues to puke and dry heave because he has nothing to puke up. In a lot of pain he appoligizes to his wife and kids, then proceeds to call and tap out.

8 People Remain.



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