UFC 238 Recap and Results

The event was headlined by a UFC Bantamweight Championship bout for the vacant title between 2008 Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling and current UFC Flyweight Champion Henry Cejudo and former WSOF Bantamweight Champion Marlon Moraes. Two-time champion T.J. Dillashaw was suspended on March 20 due to a failed drug test in relation to his January loss against Cejudo for the flyweight title and therefore opted to vacate his title before having it stripped. Cejudo became the third man to become champion in two divisions simultaneously and fourth fighter overall (after Conor McGregor at UFC 205, Daniel Cormier at UFC 226 and Amanda Nunes at UFC 232), as well as the seventh person overall to win a title in different divisions.

A UFC Women's Flyweight Championship bout between the reigning champion Valentina Shevchenko and Jessica Eye was the co-main event on the card.

Fight # 1 :

Tuivasa(11) vs Ivanov(13)

Tuivasa controlled most of the fight and started most of the exchanges in all 3 rounds but Ivanov landed more significant strikes. Ivanov was countering most of Tuivasa's combos with 2 and 3 punch combos that seem to land a lot of the time. Tuivasa seems to slow down in round 2 and looked really slow in round 3. I scored it 2 rounds to 1 for Ivanov.

Result : Ivanov wins decision. (29-28/ 30-27/ 30-27)


Fight # 2 :

Rivera(7) vs Yan(9)

What an interesting fight to watch. Rivera was easily winning round 1 until Yan dropped him with 10 seconds left before the bell. Rivera was winning round 2 and with 10 to 20 seconds left in the round he gets dropped again. The 3rd round Yan had confidence after the first 2 rounds and fought a better 3rd round avoiding Riveras attempts of landing the big shot to end the fight. I scored it 3 to 0 for Yan.

Result : Yan wins decision. (29-28/ 29-28/ 30-27)


Fight # 3

Ferguson(2) vs Cerrone(4)

This is the fight I was the most excited for. Ferguson and Cerrone are 2 of the most entertaining fighters in the UFC, so watching them fight for a title shot going to the winner was something you didn't want to miss. Round 1 was fairly even. They both were throwing kicks and punches that were landing. Ferguson controlled the pace for round 1. Round 2 was a great showing for both fighters. Ferguson was landing a lot of punches to Cerrones face which caused lots of swelling. At the end of round 2 Ferguson lands a hard punch to Cerrones face a few seconds after the round ended which almost got him disqualified. Between round 2 and 3 Cerrone blows his broken nose which causes his eye to swell shut so he can't see at all. The doctors take a look and call a stoppage to the fight. Disappointing finish because we all wanted to see round 3 but a great fight for Ferguson.

Result : Ferguson wins from TKO, Doctors Stoppage between Round 2 and 3.


Fight # 4

Shevchenko(Champ) vs Eye(1)

Shevchenko looks fantastic in round 1. She dominated the stand up exchanges and eventually takes her to the ground and dominates there as well. Round 2 doesn't last long. Shevchenko has the meanest leg kicks in the women's division and was chopping the legs of Eye the entire fight, which setup one of the most brutal KO's I have seen. After 25 strong kicks to the leg, Shevchenko switches and throws a head kick when Eye's hand were down and brutally connects with the side of her head knocking her into next Thursday. Good luck to anyone else that fights Shevchenko.

Result : Shevchenko wins by KO in Round 2


Fight # 5

Cejudo(1) vs Moraes(2)

The main event of the evening. They were fighting for the vacant Bantamweight Championship. Moraes comes out on fire in round 1. He is controlling the pace and making Cejudo look small and slow. Moraes didn't seem scared of Cejudos power and would chase him down and stand in front of him unloading lots of different strikes. Moraes easily wins round 1. Round 2 begins with more of the same. Cejudo looks lost until about the half way mark of the fight when he starts to make it a dog fight and not let Moraes tee off on him. Great round for both fighters but I gave the slight nod to Cejudo. Round 3, It all changed so quick. Cejudo smells blood in the water and jumps all over a tiring Moraes. He doesn't stop getting into his face and unloading big shots and eventually wobbles Moraes and then hits him with 9 or 10 solid knees to the head of Moraes. Moraes eventually gets knocked down and Cejudo attacks until the ref stops the fight with 9 seconds left in the round. Cejudo is now holds 2 belts and is on quite a roll.

Result : Cejudo wins by TKO in Round 3


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